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zpd+a Statement on Racial Justice

zpd+a, along with the AIA, the American Institute of Architects, and AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, stands in solidarity with black, indigenous, and people of color across the United States of America and worldwide.

As a nation, and individually, we are all struggling to make sense of the dual crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with deadly and pervasive racism that has impacted marginalized communities more than others.  The growing list of racially motivated killings demands attention. We all need to do more to address this crisis, and that starts with speaking up, clearly, directly, and unequivocally. As architects, it is our obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. In design, we come to solutions for complicated problems by listening to every voice, for it’s by hearing, listening to, and understanding the multiplicity of observations and concerns that we can program and design more inclusive spaces. We must promote that same vocalization for a system-wide redesign of an unjust society. We support peaceful demonstrations that call for action. We vehemently reject violent actions from any quarter. To further confront and address systemic racial injustice, we commit to acknowledge, listen, and learn. We will work within our team to identify ways to remove barriers and provide more inclusive environments, within our own office, and within the clients and communities we serve, and within the communities we live in. In diversity lies strength. Sincerely, Tai Kojro-Badziak, Anthony Zahner, Adam Wilmot, Jim Damato

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