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Make a Difference: Join Our Backpack Donation Drive with Brightpoint

Don’t tell the kids, but Back to School season is already on our radar. Starting July 8th, we will begin our donation drive for 600 backpacks for Brightpoint’s Back to School Bash in August. Our Amazon wish list ranges from high priority items like Back-to-School Supply kits (these include all supplies for the classroom), to portable phone chargers, as well personal hygiene items. Your donation makes a difference by providing essential necessities for classroom and personal use; by equipping students with these tools, you empower them to succeed academically and build a brighter future.

Why do we ask for your help? It's history, zpd+a collaborated with El Hogar del Niño throughout the pandemic and presently to create safe, accessible, and engaging environments tailored to children's needs. This project transformed the existing buildings into a seamlessly interconnected space, prioritizing child-centric areas for various activities and different age groups. Now that El Hogar has been acquired by Brightpoint it leverages an opportunity for the zpd+a team to engage, invest and go that extra mile. We hope you join in the cause, for next steps to donate, click the linked Amazon wish list, all goods will go directly to Brightpoint for their event on August 2nd. We hope you join us in this giving endeavor.

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