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Celebrating Boundless Space and the Art of Burning Man

On September 30th 2021, Sotheby’s Auctions opens Boundless Space – the Possibilities of Burning Man, an auction featuring art and artifacts from Burning Man, and from artists that create for the Playa. The annual visionary, alchemical artists festival is located in Black Rock City, in the high altitude alkaline desert of northern Nevada. Amongst the 156 lots is a piece by artist Matt Elson, a longtime friend and colleague.

Matt’s Infinity Box RADIANCE, completed in 2012, has been to Burning Man, as well as over 100 shows nationally and internationally. Currently the most photographed Infinity Box, it was inspired by a moment in the Bhagavad Gita, celebrating the universe as a multiverse. Designed to explore human connection and social interaction, the experience of gazing through the Infinity Boxes plays with perception, temporality and the shared experience of humanity and the universe. He's created a new variation of RADIANCE specifically for this auction where it is on view in the Sotheby's gallery.


We initially consulted with Matt in 2018, as he was preparing a shipping container to become the first Infinity Ship, PERCEPTION, for Area 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Maneuvering through accessibility, life safety and regional requirements, assuring a safe environment for an intentionally disorienting art piece that was specifically designed to be transported as-is around the globe.

Late 2020, we began concepting Matt’s new dream: Infinity Ranch, a fully immersive, interactive and experiential visitor center and event space, to be located near Twenty Nine Palms and Joshua Tree, California. Incorporating tens of thousands of square feet to include already built and future Infinity Boxes, Infinity Ships and more. In the fragile desert environment, sustainability is a key driving force in any design decisions; we are creating regenerative venues for interaction and experience, and exploring both innovative and historical materials and methods for carbon neutral construction and a zero-emission environment. Infrastructure innovations incorporate geothermal cooling and heating, solar and wind energy production, water reclamation and management, and biomass systems to divert and minimize waste streams.

While this project is still a long way from construction, we’re delighted to share in the ongoing success of Matt and his Infinity dreams!


Learn more about Matt’s visionary art here:

Visit Matt's Instagram here:

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