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Women Architects in Chicago - Chicago's Birthday and International Women's Month

In celebration of International Women's Month (March) and Chicago's birthday (March 4th), let's shine a spotlight on the talented women architects who have made significant contributions to Chicago's dynamic architectural landscape. From paving the way for women in the profession, creating iconic skyscrapers and innovative public spaces like the Riverwalk, these women have left a lasting mark on Chicago's architectural legacy and have simultaneously contributed to the iconic spaces that we all love.

Image by: Tom McDonald

We honor pioneers like Marion Mahony Griffin, one of the first licensed female architects in the world, and is considered an original member of the Prairie School, a collaborator with many more famous males of that style. According to architecture critic, Reyner Banham, Griffin was "America’s (and perhaps the world’s) first woman architect who needed no apology in a world of men." Carol Ross Barney, FAIA, a founding member of Chicago Women in Architecture and celebrated architect of civic and public spaces, redefined the Riverwalk, inviting Chicagoans to turn back to nature within the city.  Chicago is also home to Jeanne Gang, whose bold design continues to redefine the skyline in Chicago as well as around the world. As we celebrate their achievements, let's also recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in the field of architecture, and continue to support and uplift women in the industry.

Image by: Thomas Geist

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