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The Good Life At Columbia Yacht Club

Since 1892 the Columbia Yacht Club has embraced a spirit of community, camaraderie and recreation for its members and guests. An iconic Chicago focal point in Monroe Harbor, The Abegweit, affectionately known as “The Abby”, has retired from its former Great Lakes ice-breaker days to more leisurely pursuits as The Columbia Yacht Club. The transformation is a beautiful testament to the legacy of creativity and reinvention that characterize this city and its residents.

The Dining Room at the Yacht Club is envisioned as a treasured retreat after a day on the water or on shore, creating a welcoming, vibrant and plush destination for members. The blues and greys of the sky, water and city provide a perfect back drop for an interior of palette of natural chestnut wood and vintage brass fittings interwoven with a classic trove of maritime textiles and leathers. The design provides a sophisticated environment for entertainment and relaxation, extending an invitation for members, family and guests to unwind to create and share timeless memories on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The Abby’s historic dining room seeks to revitalize its dining experience by renovating its dining room and updating its menu offerings. The aim is to create a sophisticated, welcoming environment that complements the club's esteemed reputation while elevating the culinary experience for members and guests. The project will focus on rejuvenating the interior design of the dining room, in tandem with the introduction of a new menu curated by a distinguished chef, as well as enhancing the overall ambiance to reflect the club's rich heritage and contemporary sophistication.

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