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Town of Cicero Community Center

Cicero, Illinois

zpd+a provided a comprehensive design solution for the Town of Cicero's new Community Center, including all shell and core, interior design, signage and FF&E services. The colors of the building's exterior reflect the material palette of the buildings on the site, visually identifying the different programmatic elements of the building by function.

This single-story, 41,000 sq. ft. facility includes a full basketball court and two half courts, a stage for performances, classrooms, administrative offices and the town health clinic. It also incorporates an outdoor activity area and play fountain that are located to the north of the building, as well as a generous courtyard that, along with clerestory windows in the classrooms, uses natural light to illuminate the corridors and classrooms. The courtyard unites outdoor seating areas, beautiful landscaping and a soft play surface for outdoor classroom activities. The gymnasium is flanked by both translucent and clear glass walls to provide natural daylight for games and open viewing for the public.

(Photography: Patsy McEnroe)

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