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zpd+a excels at creative yet pragmatic design, integrating our clients’ aesthetic, qualitative and financial objectives within the final built form, whether it’s a 100,000sf adaptive reuse or 500sf residential renovation. We begin each project with a detailed program identifying the key goals, budgets and restrictions, while identifying opportunities and interests. We then assemble a team that acts as a seamless extension of your team, providing comprehensive resources from project initialization through completion.

Our sensitivity to environment, design, construction methodologies, and materials complement our knowledge of project schedules and budget coordination, creating a robust solution for each project. We integrate technology and sustainable, energy-efficient design as short-term investments that will ultimately grow into long-term client assets.



zpd+a takes a holistic approach to planning, incorporating visionary thinking across a variety of disciplines and a robust involvement from key stakeholders, whether owners, end users, community groups or investors.


By addressing the economic, political and social issues that shape communities; sustaining a healthy, natural environment; determining how planning may affect the urban fabric in the long term; supporting future growth; creating solid communities and neighborhoods based on factors that impact quality of life; and creating a financially satisfactory result, the planning process takes a broad view.

We develop a comprehensive set of tools that enables clients and stakeholders alike to make well-informed decisions. Some of these tools include market-driven financial analyses, policy recommendations, phased implementation strategies with associated infrastructure costs, as well as user-friendly charts, graphs and renderings that are easily understood by all project stakeholders.

​zpd+a team has led several municipal planning projects for clients such as The Chicago Plan Commission; South Bend, IN; the Village of Sauk Village, IL; Oak Forest, IL; Uptown Chicago Planning Commission; The Town of Cicero, IL; and The Village of McCook, IL.




zpd+a creates energetic and inspiring spaces tailored to each user population: from corporate interiors inspiring team building and workplace creativity, to senior spaces facilitating health and activity, to restaurants, community centers, and private homes, our design flexibility and client-driven approach considers the unique needs of each project to incorporate dynamic, human centric spaces, including a full suite of finishes, furniture and artwork.


Through scale, innovation and creativity, we develop inspiring spaces complementing their surroundings and invigorating the senses.

Graphics and Branding

Graphics & Branding

Environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding services are tailored for each client’s needs and space, integrating a complete suite of location-appropriate solutions to provide messaging and direction integrated into the overall brand aesthetic.  

Using material explorations and full scale mockups, we integrate brand directives, facilities management requirements, and specialty user-groups/occupants to develop consistent, cohesive messaging systems for each project.

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