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The Village of Sauk Village Town Hall

Civic | Sauk, Illinois

zpd+a provided a complete set of site, shell and core architectural design services as well as all interior design, FF&E and signage design services for the Municipal Center of Sauk Village, Illinois.


The Municipal Center serves three important functions for the village, each made of up of simple, strong geometries organized around an inner courtyard. The administrative office occupies the long, trapezoidal-shaped building element and is defined by an aluminum and glass curtain-wall that provides maximum daylight. This curtain wall terminates at the multipurpose room dedicated to the senior center. The senior citizens make use of the entertainment room, a full service kitchen and even a kiln to support the arts and crafts activities that are in high demand. The elliptical-shaped council chambers is notable for its circular clerestory window supported by a delicate wood and cable truss system that floods the building with natural light.


One of the most recognizable elements of the Municipal Center is the 40' tall clock tower that frames the entry. Its high visible presence signifies the new direction that the Village has taken towards innovation, openness and serving the needs of the people.

(Photography: Patsy McEnroe)

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