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The Joy of Color: NeoCon 2024

Outlook 2024 according to NeoCon: immerse yourself in Joy!

Color is in! We are feeling optimistic. Saturated brights, subtle pastels, creative color collabs stand out - especially the Momentum collaboration with Yinka Ilori (designer of the most coveted tote bag). Their undeniably cheerful showroom was a spectacular riot of color and pattern! After a decade of griege it’s refreshing to see rainbow brights splashed across walls, seating, tables, accessories.

In addition to color, softness rules - cloud puff seating poofs, curved banquettes, supple bars sinuously curving into seating and sound walls further softened by lichen and moss. Arches and curves in walls and ceilings add to the softness, creating wonderfully welcoming spaces. Organic shapes were complimented by color palettes of deeply saturated earthy pigments and tactile upholsteries.

Practical shoes? Check.

Thinking caps? On.

Eyes peeled for best tote bags? You know it.

Were we hydrated? Yes!

The program this year was full of educational opportunities by way of lectures and panels, plus a myriad of levelled-up tote bags, snacks, happy hours and pedi-cabs. There was no shortage of beauty, function, teaching moments and fun at this years NeoCon, it did not disappoint!

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