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Lakeside Retreat

Interior Design | Lake Michigan, Michigan

Navigating the sometimes choppy waters of seemingly divergent personal tastes in style and design comes with the territory in custom home design. This gracious home for an active young family seamlessly integrates varying aesthetic approaches voiced by both partners: modern and vintage, arts and crafts, contemporary, mid century and prairie style were all noted in the original brief. By exploring the owners own histories and developing an understanding of their driving passions, we distilled a style all our own.

Undeniably luxurious yet accessible and unfussy, the 10,000 square foot home features low-maintenance, high impact finishes. Pedestrian materials like pine flooring and penny tiles are creatively detailed and integrated throughout. Custom furniture and lighting is combined with vintage pieces to create a layered, textured home that invites relaxation, play and entertaining, delighting all the senses. 

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