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Empirical Brewery Taproom

Interior Design | Chicago, Illinois

Craft inspires us – especially when it’s delicious, as is the case with craft brewing! We created this taproom for the creative, dedicated folks at Empirical Brewery, inspired by stories of their early days crafting beer in the garage, inviting the buddies over to sample, critique and develop their offerings. That feedback process forms the backbone of Empirical Brewery, and inspired a friendly, low key but high quality vibe. 

Carved out of an existing warehouse space with a very tight construction budget, the rustic taproom evokes that utilitarian yet quality approach. Built from reclaimed palette wood their very hops were delivered on, the bar provides plenty of space for the brewers and bartenders to chat with beer enthusiasts about the brewing process while sampling the results. The taproom’s welcoming, comfortable environment and great beer selection has quickly made it a neighborhood destination, a popular destination for raising a cold pint with friends.  

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