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BlueCross BlueShield Customer Service Center

Commercial Refresh | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Returning to Albuquerque to refresh and update an existing Service Center, zpd+a

re-imagined the floorplate of the 100,000 SF campus, crating team zones, new breakout spaces, huddle zones and wellness spaces. Taking cues from the Southwest desert, the color and materials palette reference the natural environment, integrating a strong sense of regional pride, while graphics reference the creative and cultural heritage of the community. 


The renovation included the addition of a new “Blue University” on-site training center for employees in which floating acoustical ceiling clouds help control noise levels and provide a clean surface for indirect lighting. The addition of environmental graphics created wayfinding while adding color and energy to the open spaces.


Improvements to new mechanical, telecommunications, and security management systems, coupled with the dynamic use of color and graphics, came together cohesively to create a vibrant and inviting interior space.

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