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BlueCross BlueShield Regional Claims Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

The new BlueCross BlueShield Regional Claims Center is a uniquely designed conversion of an abandoned 112,000 sq. ft. Wal-Mart building into an office building consolidating approximately 600 employees into one location. The renovation included removing the Wal-Mart masonry entrance and replacing it with a modern glass and steel entry element, with a solar shade and colored plaster feature wall. Twenty-four skylights illuminate the interior of the general space, while glare from the skylights is controlled by monitors that zpd+a designed with vertically suspended, translucent plastic panels to deflect solar rays. Floating acoustical ceiling clouds help control noise levels and provide a clean surface for indirect lighting. Coupled with the dynamic use of color, these elements create a warm and inviting interior space out of what had been a cold, generic building.

zpd+a's services also included a new parking lot with landscape improvements, a new mechanical system, and a new, raised-access telecommunications management system.


(Photography: Joseph Mills)

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