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Service Center

Plano, Texas

BlueCross Blue Shield retained zpd+a in 2006 to design a new Operations Service Center facility for BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, after completing two similar facilities for BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois.

This adaptive re-use required major structural alterations, and zpd+a recognized the need to first uncover unknown construction scope issues. Thus, our scope of services included a survey and evaluation of the existing building structure and pre-cast concrete envelope, which enabled zpd+a to provide an accurate project scope early in the budgeting process. This in turn allowed a more accurate cost assessment for our schematic design solutions. This managed-design approach
meant the project was delivered under budget.


The new facility houses sophisticated printing and mailing equipment, strictly controlled temperature and humidity zones, and high-bay racking and file storage systems. zpd+a also developed a modern, high tech, yet user-friendly office environment.

Photography & rendering: zpd+a

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